Are you looking for a website or cool video presentations for your business? Key Essentials can help you tame your target market with wild ideas.

If you think advertising using creative and modern media is more than you can afford, think again. Key Essentials creates professional corporate or event videos for your website, commercial television or cinema advertising. Stress free! Below are just some examples of where you could display these video presentations. This may be just what you’re looking for.

Video Ads Television

Cinema & TV Advertising

Whether you manage a 5-Star resort, a family company or are a sole operator, video productions can be transmitted into a TV commercial or cinema ad showcasing your business or product. ‘Out of Home Advertising’ is definitely today’s trend.

Instructional Product Videos

Instructional Website Videos

Tap into this lucrative market by adding a short video of your product or services to your website. People want to know what you are selling, how it works and how it will help them. Key Essentials can help with smart videos that deliver to today’s market trend.

Website Design

Website Design

Complete website solutions – Website that are easy to navigate and fully integrated, aimed at delivering your message effectively with keyword rich webcopy and mobile responsive format. Once developed, you can self-manage or we can keep your site updated for you.

Motion Type Ads

Motion Type Ads

Kinetic motion typography can be a cheaper and effective way to advertise when combined with music and much more. This can be as artistic as the designer is creative. Michael Watt is extremely creative. See some of these examples of ads produced using motion type.

Animated Characters

Animated Characters

3D animated characters are a novel way to also tell your story. 3D characters are sometimes used at the end of an ad as a mascot for a company. Perhaps you have a new business model, a new building or accommodation units you want to have people take notice using animated caricatures.

Funeral Eulogy Videos

Funeral Memorials

Loss of a loved one is painful. Under such stress, it is difficult to put together a fitting tribute that does justice for that person. We can help. You can have their life from their beginning showcased through photos or story presented in a beautiful video that complements your spoken eulogy.

If you would like to know more about how we can help bring your story to life . . .Call Now for a FREE phone consultation to find out how you can integrate your video production, corporate video or event video into your business or project.