Animated Characters to Sell Your Product or Service

Animated characters, whether it’s adults, children, animals or insects, get our attention. Cartoons like this are as charming to adults as they are to children. We love to watch their mishaps or mischief they get up to.

If you were asked who Loui The Fly was, I’m sure most of us would know he’s the mascot for Mortein. And who can forget Bart Simpson, Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry or Bugs Bunny.

Let’s face it, when you want your business name or product to be remembered and recognised, animated characters can do that for you.

  • This is a collection of animated work samples done by Michael Watt for various clients and agencies across Australia 

Key Essentials can create amazing 3D animated characters for your business. It doesn’t need to be a movie length, just a short 60 – 100 seconds, is often enough. With all the tools of the trade, together with natural artistic talent, your rigged characters and custom artwork will spread the work like no one else.

This full length video was created for GenEnergy a company with an amazing invention to save energy. It’s a revolutionary efficient electric engine that has potential to complement renewable energy all around the world. Watch this video and see if you think it’s a great invention. We do…

  • This video is work sample done by Michael Watt for Gen Energy 

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our customers say it best:
  • As the Operation’s Manager at Suspension Supplies Australia we undertook a series of instructional videos to display our product and how it solved suspension problems in many types of vehicles. It as these videos that really helped sell our product and the knowledge of the team. Working with Key Essentials made it a breeze as the combined talents of this team made sure the end product was to the highest standard. Trust and dependability is just one of their greatest asset. They also give expert advice which obviously comes from years of experience behind the scenes. Michael Watt has incredible talent and a true artist in every sense of the word not just with graphics. He is extremely particular to get every angle and frame to perfection. For us, these videos sold our product and service 100%.  –Greg Bertwistle

  • “I have worked with Michael Watt at several advertising agencies and on a wide variety of briefs (including both 2D and 3D projects) before commencing my tenure with TOFS. ‘Magic Mike’ has never shied away from a challenge, or from both the creative and time pressures that I seem to keep imposing on him. A true gentleman of the edit suite. Awwww Shucks! “–Darren Gunning – National Marketing and Brand Manager – The Outdoor Furniture Specialists