Instructional or Product Videos for Websites

Small and medium-sized businesses are just like big businesses when it comes to needing advertisements. They just don’t have the media team down the hall to get it done.

That is where Key Essentials fills in the gap with smart videos that deliver to today’s market trend. Instructional videos are popular with the YouTube audience, now estimated to be 1,325,000,000 people. Tap into this lucrative market by adding a short video of your product or services to your website. People want to know what you are selling, how it works and how it will help them. Here is a combined showcase of recent instructional videos for websites and other marketing arenas.

  • This video is work samples done by Michael Watt and Nolene Wood either for clients directly, or for advertising agencies across Australia.

Full Length Instructional Videos

Instructional VideosVideo Polyair Red Bags Coil Spring Installation

This video was done for Suspension Supplies Australia on the Polyair Red Bags for coil springs. Photos were taken for a step by step process and these were fitted to this Parado with the goal to reduce bounce and eliminate sagging when towing a van. Goal achieved – Here’s how it was done.

Instructional Video Isuzu

Video Isuzu NPS300

This instructional video was done to show what was done to improve the suspension on an Isuzu NPS300 4×4 truck. It required voice overs and photos of their step by step process.

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