Motion Typography Videos

Kinetic typography is a great way to catch the viewer’s attention, and you could say, make their head spin, but really, it’s just the type.

Eye catching, fun and memorable. It’s pretty amazing what can be said and created with simple objects the get your message across. It takes the ‘ho hum’ out of  it and gets you thinking ‘okay what happens next’. Each video can use a combination of typography and abstract art, which is powerful in itself. Motion typography videos are created for a unique and individual purpose, either to educate, entertain or sell your product or service. Music and lyrics can provide a memorable beat to enhance the message.

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  • This video shows work samples done by Michael Watt and Nolene Wood either for clients directly, or for advertising agencies across Australia.

Don’t get caught up in the ‘Too Hard Basket” for motion type ads. It can sometimes be a cheaper and more effective way to advertise your business. Each business is unique and Key Essentials can advise on all mediums of professional video ads; motion typography video is just one of them. 

Ipswich City Council
Queensland Government
Queensland Opera

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our customers say it best:
  • I have worked with Michael Watt at several advertising agencies and on a wide variety of briefs (including both 2D and 3D projects) before commencing my tenure with TOFS. ‘Magic Mike’ has never shied away from a challenge, or from both the creative and time pressures that I seem to keep imposing on him. A true gentleman of the edit suite. Awwww Shucks!–Darren Gunning – National Marketing and Brand Manager – The Outdoor Furniture Specialists