Website Design

With Key Essentials you will have all the ingredients needed for a clean, crisp and uncluttered website. It will be filled with effective keyword rich webcopy – SEO – modern graphics and artwork that represent your product image – smart, professional photography and marketing strategies and campaigns that work.

With the latest statistics of people who use YouTube as a search engine at 1,325,000,000 people, your potential is huge. Complement your website with a short video of your product or services. This is a combined showcase of recent instructional videos for websites.

It’s All in The Attention To Detail

Photographs, Images and Graphics

Key Essentials can take professional digital photographs for you. Alternatively, you can supply your own images that can be scanned or sourced from disk. All logos and images are optimized to maximise speed and reduce the time it takes to bring up your page; speed is essential.

You will receive creative graphics and artwork from logo design, banners and flyers all with innovative and unique designs to suit each individual project. All forms of artwork can be set and prepared for print media and / or on-screen video media. With years of experience in the advertising arena, we use the most current trends and styles to reach your audience.

Key Video Production

Domain names and hosting

We can arrange for domain name registration and hosting. You may prefer to arrange for your own domain name. For hosting you should check with your ISP as they sometimes allow for hostings for personal websites as part of their services. Please call for our advice on domains and hosting and a recommended provider.

Online Marketing Campaigns

If you already have a site and want to generate more traffic this can be done through running online marketing campaigns. Always do market research first and find out what people are searching for online.

There is no point guessing as you will only waste your time and money. A complete campaign requires more than just writing ads. It needs to be backed up and supported with experienced consultants. To find out more – just ask.

If you would like to know more about how we can help bring your website into today’s technology . . .Contact us or call if you would like to know more.

our customers say it best:
  • As the Operation’s Manager at Suspension Supplies Australia we undertook a series of instructional videos to display our product and how it solved suspension problems in many types of vehicles. It as these videos that really helped sell our product and the knowledge of the team. Working with Key Essentials made it a breeze as the combined talents of this team made sure the end product was to the highest standard. Trust and dependability is just one of their greatest asset. They also give expert advice which obviously comes from years of experience behind the scenes. Michael Watt has incredible talent and a true artist in every sense of the word not just with graphics. He is extremely particular to get every angle and frame to perfection. For us, these videos sold our product and service 100%.  –Greg Bertwistle

  • “I have worked with Michael Watt at several advertising agencies and on a wide variety of briefs (including both 2D and 3D projects) before commencing my tenure with TOFS. ‘Magic Mike’ has never shied away from a challenge, or from both the creative and time pressures that I seem to keep imposing on him. A true gentleman of the edit suite. Awwww Shucks! “–Darren Gunning – National Marketing and Brand Manager – The Outdoor Furniture Specialists

  • Springwood Road State School contracted Nolene Wood to design our website and advertising brochure. Her professionalism, ICT skills and ability to consult resulted in our school having an easy to navigate, attractive and informative webpage. Nolene made the whole process relatively painless and time effective providing the whole range of service that included graphics, photography, and printing. I know our school community will continue to access Nolene’s skills and expertise in the the future. We are very happy with our site.–Lesley Vogan Principal, Springwood Road State School

  • Key Essentials have made the re opening of our self contained accommodation in Stanthorpe a wonderful experience. Nolene Wood became our marketing advisor and patiently developed a website that gave us a visually stunning and informative picture of what guests could expect from the cottage. Her consultations always resulted in ideas that described our product to perfection with the reader being able to visualize their stay and the comforts that the accommodation offered. Our re opening of Quart Pot Cottage has been a successful venture and we must give Key Essentials much of the credit. Nolene is a person with a wonderful mix of technology, business flare and artistic design skills which really capture the product and deliver the message. The website communicates in style, pictures and words the heavenly atmosphere that exists in this beautifully refurbished old church, that is Quart Pot Cottage. –God Bless Key Essentials, Amen. Kevin Raeu

  • “I was ready to wallop my Dad if he told me one more time over dinner how good his beloved Hilux was after the guys at Suspension Supplies Australia modified it. He carried on and on, that not only did it sit up beautifully, it drove magnificently. PS – Thanks guys, you’ve made him very happy.”–SSA Customer – Jennifer Goostrey